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Barbara Jane Mackie is a BBC-trained screenwriter. Barbara's first musical 'Rumpy Pumpy!' played at

the Theatre Royal, Windsor in November 2016 and at The Union Theatre, London. It starred Linda Nolan

and Louise Jameson and is now being packaged as a UK Tour

Rumpy Pumpy!  was originally funded by Arts Council England and showcased at The King’s Head Theatre as part of their New Playwrights Season in April 2015 and The Landor Theatre. ''Rumpy Pumpy!' is now being made into a feature film by Carnaby Films UK.


Building on the success of her first Musical  Rumpy Pumpy! Barbara is now writing and composing 'Cowboy Girls', an exuberant and moving Western set in the 1880's focusing on the lives of two young peasant Irish Girls, the fearless Maeve and her younger sister

Bridge, shy and stammering who escape from their harsh convent in Ireland to sail off to America and head West in the Gold Rush .

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On the Wagon Train, they decide they must dress as male cowhands, 'Marty' and 'Billy' to get jobs with the Cowboys.  Adelaide, a society heiress, heading West on the trail of her fiancee, Charles, an English Charlatan, joins them and linking up, the three young women become 'Cowboy Girls', and then Rodeo Riders experiencing adventures they could only have dreamed of in their former lives.  Adelaide falls in love with Maeve, telling her the West is a place

women can cast off the shackles of their lives and

live in a different way as they search for the

freedom they never had before.


Barbara's Musical Supervisor is the Oscar

nominated John Cameron and her Musical

Arranger is Steve Parker.  Barbara has

completed the British Musical Screenplay

'The Last Chance Mommas' (script


The Songs



'Cowboy Girls' is bold, highly original and enormous fun and puts the female at the very epi-centre of the Western and thus cleverly revives a flagging genre.'  

Anthony Minghella, Oscar-winning Screenwriter